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Insulation Container Stuffing


Insulation Palletization

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Trucking & Warehousing

Our warehouse is qualified under the Zero-GST Warehouse Scheme. This allows customers to store imported goods for an indefinite period of time with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) suspended.

Our distribution, trucking and warehousing services are a seamless extension of our global logistics solutions.

Insulation Container Stuffing

Insulated containers protects goods from temperature which are used to move cargo such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc. The thin wall of a standard dry container may be effected with external climate severely in hot summer days due to a lot of heat and severe cold in winter season. Insulated container helps to maintain consistent internal temperature up to some extent.

Insulation Palletization

The effectiveness of these insulating devices in reducing the rate of temperature changes allows the products to be transported in a semitrailer without refrigeration or to be stored temporarily on unrefrigerated docks. Consequently, logistic operations can be managed with more flexibility.


one stop service in logistics
Airfreight & ocean freight service via FCL, LCL & break bulk cargo.
Customs clearance, pick up/delivery, packing, marine insurance & CFS service.
Customs Bonded & Non-Bonded warehouse storages.
CFS handling for Transhipment, Re-export & Transit cargo.
Order process for pick and pack operations include labelling & repacking service.
Consolidation and distribution service at customer’s instruction for both air & ocean shipment.
Handling and transportation of Hazardous cargo, Heavylift equipment & project shipment. 
Additional Packaging Services:-
Insolation Container Stuffing
Insolation Palletization
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